Tips to Lower Energy Bills

  • Energy Audits - PMG's home energy auditors will assess your home to determine how much energy is used in your home and what measures can be implemented to start reducing your energy consumption, resulting in money savings to you. PMG Energy offers two types to energy audits:
    Basic Energy Audit
    o Visual Inspection
    o Health and Safety Inspection
    o Energy Audit Checklist
    o Written Report
    Advanced Energy Audit
    o Health and Safety Inspection
    o Energy Audit Checklist
    o Blower Door Test
    o HVAC Assessment
    o Cost Analysis
    o Recommendations Report

  • Insulation - Most homes have far less insulation in the attic and wall system than what is required to maintain proper indoor temperature. For attics in the Houston, PMG recommends R-38 blown in insulation. This will ensure coverage of all cracks and air pockets. Thus, preventing hot air from entering home.

  • Radiant Barrier - Almost 50% of the heat going into your home comes from your attic. Thus, reducing the temperature of your attic will automatically keep your home cooler during those hot days. Radiant barrier does just that by reflecting the radiant heat from the sun. The radiant barrier is sprayed on under roof system.

  • Reflective Insulation - Reflective insulation is a combination of insulation, radiant barrier, and vapor barrier all in one. It has a rating of R-15.67, blocks 97% of the radiant heat, and serves as a vapor barrier. This all inclusive application is equivalent to installing 4" of blown in insulation and spraying radiant barrier under the roof system. This product is ideal for homes that have sufficient access to the roof system.

  • Solar Screens - Approximately 40% of the heat going into your home enters via windows and doors. Solar screens will ensure blockage of 80% of direct sunlight into your home.

  • Weatherization - Find out where your home has holes in the floor system, wall system, and ceiling. Sealing these holes will allow your A/C system to properly cool your home as needed.

  • Ventilation -Providing your attic with ventilation can lower energy bills dramatically by allowing air to properly circulate. Enclosing hot air in the attic system can cause many problems for the homeowner, including mold and moisture problems. Ventilation systems may include attic fans and soffits.